Sep 10, 2016

The Road To Heaven

Here are some snippets from my guest blog at IcelandNaturally:

"We had just landed in Reykjavik, after a long flight of 10 hours."
Colorful Reyjavik
Hallgrímskirkja Church: Largest church in Iceland
"The next morning, we were off to Westfjords for a day tour!

The landing of the plane was terrific, the way it meandered between the hills and glided smoothly over the ocean before it came to a halt on the runway."
Airport @Isafjordur

"Isafjordur was the first town we had planned to see in our 14 day long trip to Iceland. It felt like I have been transported into one of those perfect Noddy towns of Enid Blyton."
Artistic Town of Isafjordur

"The white sunlight filtered through the water droplets breaking into a kaleidoscope of colours." 
Dynjandi Waterfalls

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