Aug 7, 2016

To My Daughter

To my dear daughter,

I cannot promise to stay by your side always,
But I promise to stay in your heart forever.

I cannot promise to fight for you always,
But I promise to equip you to fight your own battles.

I cannot promise to heal your wounds always,
But I promise to make you strong enough to heal your own wounds.

I cannot promise to keep you happy always,
But I promise to make you responsible for your own happiness.

I cannot and will not promise you the moon and stars,
But I promise to make you capable to achieve that on your own.

I cannot promise to pave your path with roses,
But I promise to teach you how to fight the thorns and pave your path with roses.

I cannot promise to be a perfect mom,
But I promise to be a loving mom, friend and guide to you.

I cannot promise to stay with you forever,
But I promise that my love and blessings will stay with you forever.

From your loving mom.

This post has been written as part of #Barathon challenge, hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm. 
The prompt for today, August, 7th, 2016 is Promise (to yourself/someone else). 


  1. Neha, it is such a beautiful poem! Love the way you have put across a mother's fears and concerns in your lovely words. Great BarAThon :)

    1. Thanks Sulekha. Indeed, it was a great BarAThon. I enjoyed participating in this challenge and reading different perspectives on a same topic.

  2. 'read aloud to my daughter...she loved it!lovely words Neha:)

    1. Wow Priyanka! That's so nice. These words are meant for children of her age. I am so glad she liked this. That's my greatest compliment for this post.

  3. Thank your for sharing this informative blog and i appreciate your effort,


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