Dec 16, 2015

A Date With Solitude

Solitude with fortitude is really bliss
The journey of thoughts runs across the mind
Bringing some memories of the vaporized time
Never give a date with solitude a miss
Or you will never have a divine fill.
Some thoughts are uplifting
And some are poignant,
Some are melancholy,
Others are enchanting
But these precious thoughts
Like prized jewels
Get intertwined among themselves
And amalgamate into our deepest consciousness.
And when I land back to reality
From my date with solitude
I feel a sense of serenity
Long lost in the drought of thoughts

And now I feel energized
To begin a new day
Amidst the crowd of unknown faces
And turbulent feelings

But my solitude gifted thoughts
Slip from my mind
Like smooth sand
Gone very fine
 And then I feel a void so deep
I have bled my cherished memories,
My thoughts, my imagination
All entangled among themselves
Amalgamated into an alloy
What is real; what is surreal
I cannot make out it seems
But Solitude with fortitude was indeed a bliss.

Dec 7, 2015

Alluring Aroma

Today morning, when I was having my first cup of hot coffee, its revitalizing aroma made me gather the scattered thoughts aromas in our lives which we usually take for granted; but they sometimes bring a satisfactory smile on our faces, a nostalgic pull in our hearts. 

This is just to share some of my favorite aromas which often make me realize that I have a sense of smell too!
  • First and foremost, invigorating aroma of freshly brewed coffee (especially in early winter mornings)
  • Rusty smell of old books (which often make me want to get lost in an old dusty library)
  • Inky smell of new books (makes me nostalgic, reminding me of school days when we used to get the new set of books for the new academic session)
  • Aroma of bakery products in a small bakery shop (surely makes my stomach rumble!)
  • Fresh smell of earth after the first rains (makes it hard to resist getting drenched in the rains)
  • Muddled smell of impending dust storm
  • Eerie, chilling smell in the historical monuments (especially the deserted ones)
  • Earthen smell of water kept for long in a terracotta pot
  • Misty smell of damp freshness in dense fog
  • Moist smell of pine cones in the hills
  • Soothing smell of incense sticks  
  • Last but not the least, mesmerizing, salty smell of sea in the air
Please feel free to add to this list of everlasting …..unforgettable…..AROMAS!

Dec 4, 2015

Salute To Chennai

What to learn from Chennai?

No, I am not talking about the administrative issues, drainage, political issues or even environmental issues. I am talking about the SPIRIT of Chennai. In this difficult time of natural calamity, the people of Chennai have come out united as ONE common force with the aim of helping one another.

  • Many Chennaites opened their homes to stranded strangers.

  • People are seen helping one another irrespective of one’s religion or economic status.
  • Stranded people are being considerate about relief materials and food packets. No hoarding seen.
  • Many youngsters arranging rescue mission teams on personal levels.
  • Some people arranging for divers and swimmers to pull out people from flooded areas.
  • Someone created a website in a few hours to channelize better communication.
  • Malls and hotels are seen sheltering people.
I do not see any hysterics or or angry outbursts from Chennaites. I don’t see people making a quick buck taking advantage of the demand-supply imbalance. What I see is the SOLIDARITY of the people of Chennai in silently, diligently and persistently helping others in this hour of crisis.

Hats off to the people of Chennai! We are so proud of you.
This is what our culture is all about.
Jai Hind!