Dec 22, 2014

Book Club for Noida Moms

I feel so proud in sharing this wonderful news with my fellow readers. As an avid reader, book lover and self professed book critic, I feel a sense of achievement in having taken a strong initiative in starting a small book club in association with Noida Moms organisation. This book club is exclusively for all those moms in Noida who love indulging in READING and talking about books! This book club is thus named Noida Moms Book Club.

Our very first meet was rather more of an introductory meet, held on December 19th, 2014 at Spice Mall, Noida. We have planned to meet every month to talk and discuss upon books. I would not reveal the title of the next book to be discussed; in fact will follow that up in my subsequent post. Once we have discussed the book in our next monthly meet in January 2015, I would love to share some tit-bits from our discussion and different viewpoints around that book. 

Stay hooked for more book news.


  1. Hi Neha, I live in Noida and would love to join this book club. Pls share more information. Where do you guys meet and how often? Thanks, Ashima
    My email ID is

  2. Hello Ashima, I have added you to our facebook group of Noida Moms Book Club. You can get updates directly from there. Thanks.


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