Oct 16, 2014


So many people in this world are persistently digging for happiness…but most of them end up discovering pleasure, and mistake it for happiness.

  • Now here arises the big question…WHAT exactly is Happiness?
  • Is it a mirage or does it really exists?
  • Is it only transient or can we be eternally happy? 
  • Is it a very important aspect of our life or is it just one of our shallow needs? 
  • Can Money, Power or Success guarantee happiness? 
  • Does contentment and happiness go hand in hand?

·   I wonder, were people like Chanakya, Alexander who were high achievers and icons of power, really happy?  Were Mahatama Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda whose lives were seeped in spirituality, happy men?  Were highly creative and artistic people like Shakespeare, Picasso and many more like them a happy lot?

Just contemplate about this…would be glad to know different viewpoints on Happiness.
Everyone has his or her own definition of happiness…it is never universal or is it?

Eventually, a million dollar question…What makes YOU happy?

P.S: I am coming back after a very long period of time. Thanks a lot to my friend Dr. Sampath who motivated me to get writing again after this long gap.