Aug 6, 2011

Guardian's Angel - Part 2

[Continues from Guardian's Angel - Part 1]

And then,
Wham! Bang!
A shooting pain in my head, and
my eyes flew open,
my muddled mind gropes for reality.
Where am I, I wonder?
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I see myself on the damp ground, and
an ugly, stout fellow towering over me.
He seems to be shouting furiously at me, but
I cannot comprehend anything.
My head is throbbing badly.

This overpowering man
lifts me up roughly by my collar.
I hear him shout, "You lazy bum, sleeping on your duty.
How dare you!
I did not employ you as a guard of your angels,
but to guard against thieves!"
Saying this, he marched off in a huff.

And I stood there, frozen like a statue
my shoulders slumped,
my eyes with a faraway look.
I sighed! Alas!
It was just a dream,
a mere dream,
a pleasant dream on a wet, callous bench.
And a dream's a dream; nothing more
And dreams never always come true
Or , do they?
I wonder??

Aug 3, 2011

Guardian's Angel - Part 1

This is a short poetic narration about a night in a life of a common watchman:

A starry night, with a dazzling moonlight
The smell of jasmine, senses this nose of mine
Such a lovely night with my beloved beside.
And I wonder, whether,
It's the deadly silence of the night, or
the magic of serenity shrouding you?
Are those stars shimmering, or
is it the sparkle in your eyes?
I wonder!
Courtesy:  Google Image
Is it the dazzle of the silver ball, or
the radiant angelic face of yours?
Is it really the smell of jasmine, or
you near me?
I wonder!

Is it the wine, or
your drooping, seductive eyes intoxicating me?
Oh God!
Am I in paradise, or
I see an angel on Earth?
I wonder!

And suddenly, I feel the earth shudder, or
is someone shaking me?
I no more feel the feathery touch of the angel.
I hear some voices, seem to be coming from a distance,
and, again the harsh shake.
And then, .................

(To be continued)