Jul 25, 2011

Americanisation of India

Courtesy: Google Image
You must have heard the phrase "Missing the forest for the trees". That's what we all do when talking about America. I agree that Americans are honest, have integrity and have excelled themselves in technology and resource developments. However, there are more important issues where America needs to reflect upon its policies; but sadly no one (including media) talks about it and we also prefer to turn a blind eye to that. Well, here are some questions which are downright eye openers.
  • Who created Taliban?  AMERICA.  India, apart from other countries, is a victim of this creation. 
  • Who funds the terrorism? AMERICA. 
  • Who dumps its industrial waste in other countries? AMERICA 
  • Who promoted Globalization and abolished the work culture of India? AMERICA. This has lead to widespread exploitation of working individuals in India, thereby hampering not only their health but also their family lives. 
  • Who promotes consumerism worldwide? AMERICA. This has promoted materialism to obsessive levels. 
  • Who encourages a lifestyle which causes rampant misuse of ecological reserves and talk about Green Revolution? AMERICA. A small example of this is the advent of ‘wooden flooring’ in buildings which is being considered as a sign of luxury.  
  • Who created 'Corporate Culture' promoting extravagance in work place and encouraged work slavery in office? AMERICA.  
  • Who believes in Wars and destroyed several countries, killing innocent people, on pretext of defense? AMERICA.  
  • Who religiously believes and literally follows phrases like "Divide and Rule", "All is fair in love and war"? AMERICA.  
  • Who believes in ruthlessly destroying unique cultures of several countries, promoting not only western culture but also economic slavery? AMERICA.
We had a great quality of life before the clutches of Globalization, Consumerism and Terrorism invaded India; now we seem to have a great quality of living which has cost us our wonderful quality of life. India has always been a peace loving nation, which neither encouraged wars nor imposed its rich culture on others. Sadly, it has been molded economically, mentally and culturally to suit the needs of powerful nations like America.

P.S: The intention of this article is not to hurt anybody’s feelings. I am not against America and its citizens but simply voicing my views against certain policies of America, which are causing great harm to developing nations like India.