Jun 22, 2011


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Are you a women or a man? Does it matter anymore? Nowadays, difference between both the genders is blurring. Women dress and conduct themselves like men, losing their femininity and grace; and getting into Clint Eastwood garb. On the other hand, men are imitating women and indulging in all sorts of beauty treatment; they are shaving off body hair which somehow materialize in a ponytail at the back (of head!). Is it just 6 inches pack of muscles which seem to signify manhood for the men of today!

‘Gentlemen’, unfortunately cannot be used to address men anymore, who are becoming gentler and softer day by day. Women, on the other hand are growing up into ‘tough gentlemen’.

Oh God! The genders are getting all mixed up. Men are not anymore from Mars than women from Venus. Both of them are from the planet Earth and they are in the race of transmutation to evolve into a new gender – “UNISEX”.

And that seems to be the mantra for the men and women of today. Be modern, be unisex!

Jun 8, 2011

Break Free

I was just wondering how it feels to be a new person altogether, without one’s family backdrop, without one’s last name, without any qualification and of course without one’s money.  Just truly be yourself; then whatever will be left of you will be your mind (without any educational qualification), your skills (without other person’s recommendation), your character; and the power to carve yourself into an original entity.

How amazing it would be to lose all the past baggage, present expectations from loved ones and future ambitions, and discover oneself, on a path of your own making. It will be then, that our true self will come into light. I sincerely wish for all of you who are reading this, to experience this kind of exhilaration, at least once in your lifetime and you’ll understand what true joy and absolute contentment is.

Most of us try to accumulate degrees, experience and goodies all our lives, and here I am, one of those few eccentric individuals who is trying to get rid of all that; for a glimpse of ‘true self’; for a person I am in my own mirror without any intrusive refractions and reflections.