Apr 5, 2010

Teaching Geography

Is your kid having difficulty remembering places on map? Then try the following geography game- "My Kingdoms". Get a large sized map or you can also use the atlas. Start the game by naming a country. Give your kid 2 minutes to look for it on map. If he/she is able to find the given country in the stipulated time, then that country will 'belong' to him. Alternatively that country will come under your Kingdom. Take turns for finding the countries and winning them into your kingdoms. In the end, the winner will be person who has more number of countries in his/her Kingdom.
This is a very simple and non stressful way to make kids learn the political maps. Let them have the thrill of 'discovering' new countries on map! Encourage your child to play such interactive educational games. They are not only enjoyable but also stimulate kids' intellect.

"The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires" - William Arthur


  1. I agree that the more fun you make geography the easier it is to learn. I have devised many fun ways for my classes to learn things. One idea which is similar to yours is to play 'Pin the Tail on ...' and give a country or a continent. The child who gets closest is the winner.

  2. @ Meryl it's nice to know that such teaching ideas are appreciated. I visited your website and found it quite good. I'll posting more posts on 'teaching methodology' and would love to know your opinions on them. So do keep in touch.


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