Mar 27, 2010

Slaves Of The Past

Will we ever be free in the true sense? Sometimes I really wonder. India has been a country ruled by invaders for about 5 centuries, first by Muslims and then by Britishers. I wonder, if so many years of slavery has ingrained its roots in our minds. Have we subconsciously transferred the slavish attitude from generation to generation? Can you see a crystal clear reflection of our rich culture in the India of today? I don’t think so. What we see today is the refraction of our past civilization; broken by western influence and then some more by our slavish attitude.
India might be independent but we Indians are not. Our rulers are not staying in India but they are still ruling our economy and our minds. Can you deny this? When, I wonder shall we become independent in the true sense; not only masters of our own country but also masters of our minds and souls.

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  1. This is very true. I hope to hear more from you.


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