Feb 16, 2010

Nursery Admissions

Mr. Kapil Sibal and many other educationists in a recent meeting proposed to increase the age bar for nursery admissions in New Delhi, from current 3 yrs to 4 yrs of age. This will be quite a welcome respite for parents of toddlers. Ms. A.Wattal, principal of Springdales, Pusa Road was also of the same opinion. According to her, kids of age 3 to 4 yrs, feel a sense of alienation in a formal school.
I too, strongly feel the same. In fact a standardized curriculum can be planned for playschool teaching which should include the pre-nursery, nursery and kindergarten. Then onwards the kid from then age of 6 yrs can be put into a formal school, which should have having classes from 1st standard onwards. In short, why not shift the Nursery and K.G education to playschools and begin formal education from 1st standard onwards.

"The aim of education should be to teach us how to think, rather than what to think; to improve our minds so as to enable us to think for ourselves than to load the memory with the thoughts of other men" - Bill Beattie


  1. Hi Neha...
    I am also of the same opinion that Play group should include kindergarten and formal education should start from 1st std.
    In fact I am hopeful of our minister that he will bring up education based policies and make education in our country better.
    I also believe strongly that there should be a standarised fees structure for all schools. Its disheartening at the same time alarming to see how some schools charge huge amount as fees even for LKG admissions!

  2. Hi kno6o9,
    You have out up a good point regarding the fee structure of schools. The government should exercise more control over the private schools where the fee structure is concerned.

  3. Hi, I too agree and feel strongly about both issues. The age factor, and fees structure. I hope the policy makers take a decision soon and more importantly, are able to implement it.

  4. Well, i feel there's another very important dimension to Nursery teaching besides the age and fees structure and that is the curriculum. What exactly is being taught to the toddlers in these playgroups is utmost important.There's no standardization and various schools adopt different methodologies which is incorrect. The children are at an impressionable stage and what they are exposed to now shall stay with them forever. I would recommend that there should be some guidelines as to what and how should things be taught at this stage as has been done for senior classes.

  5. Hello Rashmi and Nidhi,
    You have rightly pointed out the various factors which should be taken into consideration while implementing any change in the school education : Age Bar, Fee Structure and the Standardised Curriculum Structute. Thanks to all for your inputs.


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